Another Year of Living Pinkly

When I turned fifty a year ago, I chose to wear only pink as a gift to myself. As far as pink is concerned, my year flew by.  As my fifty-first birthday approached I chose to continue wearing pink. My daughter asked me if I could wear other colors. “What if you want to wear blue or purple?” she asked. I told her I can wear whatever I want but will probably chose to wear pink. I’ve discovered that choosing is way easier and more powerful to do than deciding because nothing has to be cast aside when you choose.

I was excited to see that the 2014 Pantone color is Orchid which is a purply-pink. For my fifty-first birthday ,I did a little shopping and freshened up the wardrobe. I got a pink hair extension and threw myself a “girls-only” pink cocktail party. My bartenders wore pink shirts and mixed pink champagne cocktails and we ate luscious pink shrimp and yummy pink desserts.

Kathleen's-fifty-firstMy year of wearing pink has been a gift to others and myself. As you can see from the picture, Sunny, my pyredoodle puppy, couldn’t resist my pink birthday cake. Living pinkly has made shopping easier for my family members. I am sure to love that pink hat, those pink earrings and that little pink speaker for my iPhone. My sister was so excited to tell me that when she was shopping for my birthday gift, her twelve-year-old son, Will, spotted a sparkly pink Coach iPad case. “Aunt Kathleen will love this.” And I did.