Candy Free Chocolate Valentine Card

Many schools are no longer allowing candy to be included with their child’s Valentines. This is understandable with all of the allergies kids have these days.

My son and I came up with our Candy Free Chocolate Valentine Card. All you need is paper, scissors, markers, foil and glue.

We used three different brown papers and cut the first into a rectangle, the second into a smaller rectangle and glued it to the first. The last piece was cut into eight small blocks and glued onto the rectangles. This gives us our candy bar some dimension and heft.

Next we made a heart message which we placed on top of the candy bar and then wrapped it in the foil. Fold the paper “label” around the candy bar with the foil ends showing. Glue in place.

Last, make your label and attach to the top of the candy bar.

Enjoy!IMG_2579 IMG_2578 IMG_2577 IMG_2576