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Doodle Art & Design Project- Create A Little Room

Leather Room With Art can be made with items found on Darby Smart.

Leather Room With Art can be made with items found on Darby Smart.

There is nothing like a little vignette placed in a nook in your home to bring a smile to your face! Looking at one may transport you to your dream home or make you wish that you could shrink yourself down and sit in that comfy chair, look at the cool art and pick up the newspaper.

Viewing these little rooms are almost as much fun as creating them. I just became a designer for Darby Smart, an online DIY Arts & Crafts store and resource. If you go on their sight you can buy all of the materials needed to make this little room.

The beauty of Doodle Art & Design projects is that if you give a bunch of people the same materials, they will each make something different.

Ingredients which you can purchase from Darby Smart:

6 x 6 Cork for the floor
Leather for the rug, table and chair seat (you can also use synthetic leather)
Wire for the Chair and table base. You can make any shape you want!
Leather and wire for the planter
an air plant
pliers for shaping your chair
A piece of newspaper cut and folded

Check out my Designing Chairs board on Pinterest for ideas to make your own chair.


Kathleen Thometz
Doodle Art & Design