A Year of Living Pinkly

Kathleen-in-PinkOn my fiftieth birthday in January 2013, I began to wear pink everyday. I wanted live my art in every aspect of my life. In short, I wanted my life to be a performance piece. What I have discovered in the year that I have been wearing pink is that the act of wearing pink has fulfilled many needs in my life. When I hit the age of fifty and realized that I was probably two-thirds done with my life (if I’m lucky) I began to feel a loss of control. The marriages of some people close to me were breaking up. I was hearing of my contemporaries who were sick or who had died. Wearing pink gave me control. I didn’t have to think each morning about what to wear. Pink is my favorite color. I feel good in pink. By wearing pink everyday, I get to feel good every day. Wearing one color has enabled me to accessorize and experiment with styles I might not have worn. By limiting my color choice, a world of style opened up to me. You can read about The Year of Livingly Pinkly here.

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