About Kathleen

Kathleen, Sunny and Rainbow

Kathleen, Sunny and Rainbow

Who Am I?

I am a multi-media artist who creates pieces that have to do with feeling safe and escapism. I love miniatures and interiors and my work reflects that. My last show, Tree House, was a collection of mini and tabletop tree houses. I am so enmeshed in my art that my life has become a living performance piece. I am beginning my second year of Living Pinkly. In a nutshell, I wear something pink every day. This process has shown me that by limiting myself I can expand my horizons further than ever before.

I have always used photography in my work and am currently writing children’s picture books about my two doodle dogs, Rainbow and Sunshine. These can be found in the Apple iBookstore.

I have co-chaired the Field Park Elementary School Art Appreciation Program for the last six years and love designing art projects for kids. Feel free to use them! I also excel at creating collaborative projects for schools.

Ha ha! In addition to my very creative life, I am a wife and mother of four children.

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