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Every week I will post a photo of an art project that I have created along with instructions on how to make it yourself. Please feel free to use any art projects you find on this site.

Designing Chairs

The first chairs were originally sat in by only dignitaries, not regular folks. The reason why we call the head of an organization a “chairperson” is because he was the one who got to sit in the chair. It wasn’t until the 16th century that the chair became commonplace. Before that people sat on a chest, bench or stool. It wasn’t until the 1880s that the chair became common in American households and each person had a chair to sit on at dinnertime.

We spend lots of time sitting in chairs but do we really thing about their design? In 2012 The Battery, a park in lower Manhattan wanted a signature chair for its grounds so it held a chair contest. There were 679 entries from 15 countries. They narrowed the choices to five, made prototypes of each chair and allowed the public to choose with their butts! The winner was Fleurt designed by Andrew Jones Design.

Anyone can design and build a mini chair with wire and sticky-backed foam sheets. Some questions to ask yourself before creating your chair:

Where will the chair be located: kitchen/doctor’s office/outside?
How often will the chair be used?
Will people be doing an activity while sitting such as eating, reading or working?
Will this chair need to be cleaned?
Who will use the chair: adults, the elderly, kids or babies?
What are the physical characteristics of the users: height, weight, age?
What makes a successful chair?
How do chairs fail?
What is important to include into the chair’s design? Does it need armrests, etc?
What would you change about your design if you were to build a real chair?
What would happen if you built your chair without a prototype first?

In order to build a chair you will need 12 gauge floral wire, wire cutters, sticky back foam, scissors and paper and pencil to sketch out your design. If you want to see some more cool chairs check out the Doodle Art & Design Pinterest page!

It is simple and fun to make a chair with wire and sticky-back foam sheets

It is simple and fun to make a chair with wire and sticky-back foam sheets.

What Are You Thankful For?

This is a fun project that can serve as a centerpiece on the table during your Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone gets to write what they are thankful for on a leaf. They can all be raked in a pile. Each family member picks a leaf to read at dinner.

What you need:

20″ by 8 1/2″ foam board
Xacto knife
2 pieces of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper (green for the grass and another color for house color)
small pieces of yellow, brown, red, orange & tan paper to make leaves
small paint brush
thin wire
wire cutter

Cut your  foam board to size. Score it so one side is 11″ and the other 9″. Bend so it is in an “L” shape. Glue house color paper and the “grass” paper on top. Out of the remaining color paper cut leaf shapes and bend in half. With a wire cutter snip the bottom of the paint brush off, cut 9 pieces of wire 1 1/2″ long and place in bottom of paint brush with a dollop of glue. Squeeze metal over the wire with pliers. Spread wire out and lean rake against “house.” Make a “What Are You Thankful For?” sign and glue on house

"What Are You Thankful For?" is a Thanksgiving art project.

“What Are You Thankful For?” is a Thanksgiving art project.


Candy Free Chocolate Valentine Card

Many schools are no longer allowing candy to be included with their child’s Valentines. This is understandable with all of the allergies kids have these days.

My son and I came up with our Candy Free Chocolate Valentine Card. All you need is paper, scissors, markers, foil and glue.

We used three different brown papers and cut the first into a rectangle, the second into a smaller rectangle and glued it to the first. The last piece was cut into eight small blocks and glued onto the rectangles. This gives us our candy bar some dimension and heft.

Next we made a heart message which we placed on top of the candy bar and then wrapped it in the foil. Fold the paper “label” around the candy bar with the foil ends showing. Glue in place.

Last, make your label and attach to the top of the candy bar.

Enjoy!IMG_2579 IMG_2578 IMG_2577 IMG_2576



Easy Valentine Cards

All you need is some colorful card stock, scissors, glue, pencil, marker and an envelope template. You can print a template off the internet or take apart an envelope and trace it onto your card stock.

1. Trace your template.
2. Cut out your envelope and fold the edges.3. Cut out 5 different heart sizes in different colors.
4. Glue the hearts to each other. Save one heart.
5. Glue hearts to center of card.
6. Fold edges and glue remaining heart on back.
7. Address with marker.

You may make variations. Blue cards for boys, pink for girls. You may put different shapes in the card, such as stars, favorite animals or flowers.

Enjoy!IMG_2569 IMG_2568 IMG_2566 IMG_2565

Build Your Dream

Doodle Dog Design School

Doodle Dog Design School

Doodle Dog Design School Interior

Doodle Dog Design School Interior

Do you have dream job, a dream room or house? Creative Visualization is the process of picturing in your mind something you want. My Building Your Dream exercise is taking that one step further and building a small model of your dream that may just take you one step closer to realizing it.

What you need: Cardboard, paper, pens, scissors, a ruler and an Exacto knife.

Measure out your cardboard into four sections. If your room is 8″x10″ you will need to have the sections be 8″,10″, 8″, 10″ in that order.Score the sections with your ruler and Exacto knife. You will then be able to fold your cardboard into a room. While it is flat, cut out windows and doors. Embellish. Once your room is built you can glue it to a floor and then add furniture etc. All of this can be made with cardboard and paper.