What started out two summers ago as an idea to get my unemployed teens and tweens to do SOMETHING turned into a successful project! We collaboratively wrote, photographed and edited four books starring our dog, Rainbow. We have successfully self-published them in Apple’s iBookstore. Biggest lessons learned: it takes a TON of editing to write anything good and every endeavor takes way longer than you think! We had a lot of fun! Unexpected benefit: They are now busting their butts to get real summer jobs.

I began using Rainbow, my 12-year-old Labradoodle in my books because she was fun to photograph and she loved to be photographed and I liked to imagine what she might be thinking. Soon Rainbow became my alter ego and I could channel my stories and struggles through the dog. In The Trials and Tribulations of Rainbow the Doodle-Dog, The Book, I explain to my son Max that I am going to write about Rainbow’s journey to find her purpose in life. Peter responds that I just want to write about myself. I say yes, that’s true but no one wants to read about another housewife trying to find fulfillment as I clutch Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique. Peter hits the nail on the head when he responds, “And they want to read about a housewife thinly veiled as a dog.” My response is, “I hope so!”

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The Trials and Tribulations of Rainbow Doodle-dog the book.The Trials and Tribulations of Rainbow the Doodle-Dog – The Book

This is a very funny book about the making of Rainbow the Doodle-Dog Goes Pink. Rainbow’s human mom has roped her children into writing and photographing a book about Rainbow’s journey to self-actualization.




The Trials and Tribulations of Rainbow Doodle-Dog The WishThe Trials and Tribulations of Rainbow the Doodle-Dog – The Wish

Rainbow the Doodle-Dog is a little sad. She wants to be human so she can talk to her family and eat their food without getting yelled at. When she gets her wish, she finds out that being human is not all its cracked up to be!



Rainbow the Doodle-Dog finds her Passion CoverRainbow the Doodle-Dog Finds Her Passion

Rainbow is feeling blue. She is not sure why she was put on God’s green earth. She decides to take an adventure through Facebook and meet all kinds of characters who help her on her journey to self-actualization!



Rainbow the doodle dog goes Pink Rainbow the Doodle-Dog Goes Pink

After being dumped by her boyfriend, Banana Joe, Rainbow the Doodle-embarks on a journey across Facebook pages in search of happiness. There are lots of characters and sub stories along the way. Rainbow finally discovers that happiness lies in doing everything pink.



Sunshine the Magic CoverSunshine the Magic Doodle-Dog

Hilariously funny! Max wants a puppy and his mother, of course doesn’t want one. She knows the work involved. They end up with a stuffed toy, Sunshine the Magic Doodle-Dog, and the adventures begin. Max finds out just how much work it takes to own a dog and Mom learns a lesson too!