“If you don’t have a home, you don’t have a life, you don’t have a sense of place, you don’t have a soul.” Sandra Foster, New York Times 6/24/10.

“Small objects are about intimate experience,” Ken Price, sculptor, once said. “And they tend to subvert detached analytical viewing by drawing you in closer to the physical reality of the piece.”
“The miniature, then, is an attempt to reproduce the universe in graspable form. It represents the desire to possess the world more completely, to banish the unknown and the unseen. We are teased out of the world of terror and death, and under the enchantment of the miniature we are invited to become God.”

“No, it is not enough to be God, I wish to be my own creature. And is it possible that the deepest fascination of the miniature lies here, in the unfulfilled yearning to be part of that world?”-Steven Millhauser The Fascination of the Miniature, 1983

This is what a tree house means to me:

Magic, Escapism, Dreams, Secrets, Safe, Moving, Invitation, Adventure, Private, Imagination, Meditation, Just Right. Design. Creating Something out of Nothing.

Everyone needs a place to get away. Even if you can’t physically go into your own hut or fort, perhaps you can mentally and emotionally by meditating on one of these tiny homes.